Meet Our Staff

Todd Scheel

As the owner of FX in Motion I get excited when I am able to interact with my clients and provide in game entertainment that will get your fans on their feet. I continually strive to offer my clients the latest in technology, as well as innovative ideas to make their event spectacular. Whether I am engineering a new design or reving up 18, 000 fans at the Bradley Center, seeing what music and special effects can do to people is great! I am continually looking for ways to put energy into each and every game. Whether it is a Gatling Gun, Parachutes or custom built products, that is what truly keeps me going.

Dan Cole

Dan is the wild and crazy guy you will speak with on the phone, who is truly living the dream.  Dan has been a catalyst in the sporting world getting our products in the public eye and on the floors of 26 of the 30 NBA teams, 70+ NCAA colleges, Major League Baseball, arena football, and the world famous Harlem Globetrotters.  He likes long walks and the beach, candlelit dinners, and cozying up by the fire.  Sorry ladies, he’s taken.  For all your in game entertainment needs, don’t hesitate to give this guy a call.

Josef Leutner

Josef worked at building a career for himself at a few different places, but none of them were just right. He joined our staff in 1990.  He has an eclectic background that fits his role her perfectly.  Josef has been an auto body mechanic, a landscaper, a chef, an automotive mechanic, and a machinist “running machines at 6000 rpm – he says grunting proudly”. When Todd heard of Josef’s mechanical ability the time was right. So he signed on with the best team building props and maintaining equipment.  Josef spends much of his time in our manufacturing department machining and engineering each and every product, to bring you a quality product he is proud of.

Dick Scheel

Dick Scheel joined his son in 1987 at the conception of the business. Having the business run out of his home, Dick was closely involved with the company and started the companies accounting department. With a passion for carpentry and an eye for detail, he then proceeded to design and create the companies road gear and storage devices. He then retired in 1992 from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation as a Civil Engineer and joined our team full-time. Incorporating his engineering skills, Dick works closely with our fabricators and takes Todd's wealth of ideas from blueprints to full blown productions.